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About us

About Malta From The Air

Who are we?

We created Malta From The Air out of passion and sympathy for Malta. We want to show this place in a unique way and delight both tourists and locals. That’s why we regularly visit Malta & Gozo, capture it’s beauty from drones and airplanes, and show our work to other people here and at our Social Media channels.

Our main goal is to publish a photobook Malta From The Air and (at least partially) move to Malta. Is it going to happen? We’ll see!


My name is Maciej Margas. I’m a photographer and filmmaker born in Warsaw, Poland. I finished Director of Photography studies at Warsaw Film School, as well as postgraduate Varsavianist studies at University of Warsaw.

Since 2015 as POLAND ON AIR I started doing aerial photography all above Poland, especially its capital – Warsaw. First – with helicopters, then airplanes and drones also came into play. This resulted in publishing a few albums, and the most popular are our debut WARSAW ON AIR (given to princely couple Kate & William) and POLAND FROM THE SKY.


With our experience, now we want to show and promote the beauty of Malta from unique perspective

When we visited Malta 🇲🇹 together for the first time in 2021, we immediately knew that we would come back here more often. Malta delighted us with its colors, landscapes, intimacy, history and sun. We visited many corners of the island, for hours walked around Valletta and expored the wilderness of Gozo. The place we fell in love with the most is Marsalforn ❤️. Since then, we’ve been to Malta a few times.

We always came back to Poland with great memories, as well as with a growing collection of photos of Malta and Gozo, shot with drones as well as during plane flights we took over the islands!

In May 2023 we set up our Facebook page Malta From the Air. With such a warm reception we began to think about publishing our first book abroad. We wanted to cooperate with Malta Tourism Authority and promote Malta in Poland, but after the meeting and their initial interest, nothing happened.

But we decided to not give up, and we still want to publish our book. If there is any way you can help us, or you’d like to become a sponsor of a book – please let us know!


What can we offer?

  • Influencer cooperation and promoting places/activities,
  • High quality prints of our photographs,
  • Stock aerial 4K footage of Malta & Gozo,
  • Film and photo work – hotel promo movies, photo sessions, content creation – from the air and from the ground,
  • Photo licencing

Contact us: