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Hello World!

Hello World!

Welcome to MaltaFromTheAir.com!

Hello, all photography enthusiasts, travelers, and lovers of Malta’s beauty! We are incredibly excited to welcome you to our website, which serves as a window into the fascinating world of aerial photography of this amazing country.

My name is Maciej Margas, the founder of MaltaFromTheAir.com and the creator of the photographs you’ll find here. It’s our love for Malta and fascination with the possibilities of aerial photography that led me to share my views with the world.

Malta is truly a remarkable place. Its rich history, picturesque landscapes, and unique atmosphere attract thousands of tourists from all over the globe each year. However, what makes Malta so special to me is the opportunity to capture its beauty from an extraordinary perspective – from both airplanes and drones.

On my website, you’ll not only find exceptional aerial photographs of Malta but also have the chance to purchase prints that can become unforgettable decorations for your homes and offices. But that’s just the beginning! Soon, I’ll also be offering photobooks and other products related to Malta.

What truly brings me joy is sharing my passion with others. That’s why I invite you to discover Malta from my point of view – from a bird’s-eye view. And if you’re interested in photography services, I’d be delighted to take on various assignments to capture your unforgettable moments on this magical island, not only from the air.

I’m thrilled you’re here, and I hope that together with MaltaFromTheAir.com, you’ll uncover new and captivating facets of Malta. Feel free to visit the blog frequently, where I’ll be sharing more stories, photos, and inspirations.

With warm regards,

Maciej Margas
Founder of MaltaFromTheAir.com

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